How to use

When something happens ...

Every 5 minutes / every Monday at 8am / Your website if offline / Webpage contains specific content / Currency or gold or crypto above or below value / Manual HTTP call (Webhook) / Todoist task completed

.. perform one or more actions

Send yourself an email (*) / Post to a blog (*) / Append to Google document / Post to another APIs

Advanced content editor

Dynamic widgets (RSS, APIs, Finance quotes, JSON-extracted content) to compose with simple drag-and-drop to create content (*)

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Price plans

Our tool is forever free up to 300 monthly executions. Look at other plans if you need more

FREE plan

300 monthly executions, no more often than 30 minutes

Personal: $4.99 / month

300 monthly executions, every 5 minutes

Pro: 19.99$ / month

30000 monthly executions, every minute

What Customers Say

It has been a great tool to delegate some of annoying tasks so far. I use it to create daily wordpress posts in our blog with content coming from various APIs. I created widgets with formatted content from those APIs (relatively simple thanks to the JSON path support) and I created some rules to use those widgets in daily and weekly blog posts.

Maria V. Martinez

I've just started using it, not impressed at first as there are other tools around for this, but this look more content based and also way cheaper. I didn't find other tools able to compose customised content this way. The product and dev team is also very responsive and happy to hear about my feedback, so I expect lots of interesting features

Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson

Focus on the meaningful and enjoyable tasks

Let our servers do the boring tasks and scale your business.

Latest news

How-tos and latest updates from our blog

Append Todoist completed tasks into a Google document

Go to the “Apps” page and connect Todoist and Google Docs

Create a new rule using “Todoist” as a trigger, and then When “Task completed”

In the “Do the following” choose “Google Document“. Paste the google document URL (it does not have to be shared). In the content area, drag what you want from the task, e.g. the task content, and the date it was completed.

You can of course add any static content, or any content from previously created dynamic content widgets.

Save the rule and wait for it to run. Once a task is completed, FlowAutomator will run every minute (frequency depends on your plan), and every created task will be added to the google document.

On the rule list, you can click and see the history of executions.

Your google document will contain the completed tasks.

Other examples of rules you can create using todoist and google connectors:

  • Every hour, append the document any (crypto)currency exchange along with the date
  • Create a specific todolist list that – for every completed task – emails you the content
  • Append the webpage content into the google document every X hours, or when a specific webpage contains the desired content

How to manually transform an API into content

We’ve recently introduced an advanced feature that allows to extract specific content from an external JSON API and create formatted content based on it. With this, you can take any API (You can find hundreds of them online, for example at this address) and create readable content.

There are online APIs for basically everything, so you can let loose and create automated content with shopping products, weather data, news, images, or any custom API and send to an email (multiple emails / mailing list soon available), or wordpress post, or post into another API.

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How to use create and combine widgets: example with Bitcoin value in $

We call widget is a piece of dynamic content coming from the network and different every time it’s used, for example a finance quotation, a RSS newsfeed content, the list of your todoist daily tasks, or any fields from any API.

In this article we’ll explain how to create a widget, and how you can use it to compose a dynamic content that will be used for example for a email or blog post.

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